5 Top Tips To Be More Productive In 2020

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The end of a decade is here. We all have had many things we wished we achieved, goals that we wanted to pursue and improvements in life that we never made. However, it’s time to leave all the regrets and what-ifs in 2019, be productive and start this year with new aspirations and the determination to be better all around.

This 2020 should be all about putting your mind to something and getting it done. It’s time to stop thinking and start doing. This is why we have compiled a few tips that will help you get more productive so you can be well on your way to fulfilling your dreams.

Declutter your mind

The first step to getting anything done is being completely focused on doing it. That can only happen if you clear up your headspace, align all your goals and then work on them one at a time. It’s a constant habit for most of us to think and overthink about multiple issues simultaneously. This leads to nothing and we end up getting so tired by the constant mental churning that we leave our problems to the next day.

It’s great to have more than one goal, however, you’ll only succeed if you give your all to accomplishing and finishing one before delving in another. Sometimes, we take so much on our plate that it becomes impossible for us to go anywhere with it. It’s pertinent to understand that you cannot be a jack of all trades, without have a degree of expertise in at least one.

In order to declutter your mind, it’s necessary to detach yourself from some issues, prioritize the things that truly matter to you and acquire laser-sharp focus. One way to do that is listing down all your goals, circling the one you want to work on first and then get on it!

Make a To-Do list

Our first tip talked about the state of mind you need to have in order to be more productive this year. The rest of the tips elaborate on how you can adopt that state of mind.

Making a to-do list is a sure-shot way of giving direction to your day. Need to go grocery shopping? Write it down. An assignment needs to be completed today? Jot it. You’re running out of cat food? Put it on your to-do list.

The thing is, you don’t need a to-do list for work alone. Even the most mundane tasks require organization. A list helps you remember all that you need to get done in a day, moreover, the satisfaction of crossing out the completed tasks helps you feel good in general. Each productive day builds up to a productive year. Start organizing your daily tasks and soon you’ll be producing results overall.

Set a routine

Routines are boring? No. Routines are a saving grace. They provide your life with structure, they save time and help you be more efficient. When you do something every day, you get better at it and it brings you that much closer to your desired result.

A daily routine can help you break bad habits and create good ones. If you’re planning to quit an addiction, having a set routine will stop you from reverting back to an unhealthy lifestyle. If you incorporate running in your routine, that will help you get your dream body.

If you set the time for when you wake up and go to sleep, you’re creating a time constraint for yourself and that’s something that will push you to complete your tasks in a certain period. This is an essential step towards killing procrastination and doing today’s work, today.

Be consistent

It’s not an exaggeration when people say that consistency is the key to success. The truth is that you fill a bucket drop by drop. So you’ve set a goal, you’ve started creating daily to-do lists and you’ve set a routine for yourself. That’s all great but it’s a start. It’s like sowing the seeds for your future but the only way you can reap the benefits is if you commit to it.

You need to adhere to the tasks you have created for yourself. The only way to reach your destination in terms of any goal is to keep following the path, no matter what. If you get off it, then there’s no way you can reach the finishing point. That’s why consistency is the cornerstone of every achievement and you need it to build momentum in your life.

Get some exercise

Right. This might have come off a bit abrupt from our previous tips. But it’s actually not because exercise is something which assimilates all that we have previously discussed. It goes on your to-do list, needs to be a part of your routine and a task you need to be consistent with.

Working towards being fit is on most New Year’s resolutions and rightly so. When you feel good physically, it makes you feel fresh on a mental level too. Going to the gym or running a few miles every morning is enough to give you a sense of purpose.

Exercise is not only known to battle stress and fatigue, but it also increases mental capacity. And when you’re feeling good mentally and physically, you’re bound to be more focused and productive towards your goals.

So are you excited to start 2020 with a bang? You can consider this New Year a turning point in your life, one you get into with an empowered state of mind.

Luckily for you, Squadly, is here to accompany you through the process. You can download the app, right now, to get your very own personal planner that will help you get on top things on every front.

Happy New Year!

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