Employee Relationship Management 101

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Employees are the backbone of every organization. The more productive your employees are, the better results your company will reap. According to research, 66% of employees say their direct manager has an impact on their career. That’s a big statistic. The way management deals with employees can make or break their motivation and consequently affect the work they do. Hence, employee relationship management is pivotal for any business to grow. Here are tips that will help you manage your employees the right way:

Equal Treatment

While it’s important to recognize your employees for their hard work by giving encouragement or monetary bonuses, bestowing unfair promotions reflects favoritism. Playing favorites in the workplace is a dangerous thing to do. It is something that should never be done as it destroys employee motivation and undermines their effort. 63% of respondents in an online poll run by a website claimed that favoritism at work makes them feel undervalued.

If one employee is being exempted from a certain dress code, avoiding the penalty for being late and is not reprimanded for poor quality work, it will instill jealousy and resentment in all the others. Not only, does this deteriorate the overall work environment, it also hinders the individual employee’s will to work hard at what they do. It’s important to ensure teamwork and treat all employees equally without bias for gender, educational background or ethnicity.

Managing expectations

In order for the organization to work smoothly, managers should be able to manage expectations. Employees get stressed if they feel they’re being asked for more than they are capable of. A manager should never assume that their employees will understand a project’s requirements, deadline, and quality the way they themselves do. They need to be clear with directions and give them room to ask questions.

Similarly, proper task delegation is important. If you delegate tasks to the inappropriate person, expecting excellence will result in disappointment. Always delegate tasks to those who can do them best. Workforce management apps like Squadly help in assigning work the right way.

Feedback and opinions

Feedback and opinions are an integral part of employee relationship management. By taking your employees’ feedback on implementing new ideas, listening to their suggestions and understanding their point of view on company policies, a feeling of goodwill within the organization is nurtured. In this way, your employees feel part of a team. They consider themselves contributing to a bigger picture instead of just getting paid for their daily average work. Sharing your vision with them will help them feel included and bring forth their best effort.

Keep communication open

Communication is key for every relationship and work relationships are no different. Employers should adopt an open door policy, ensuring employees that they are there to listen to complaints, understand grievances and clear misunderstandings. Research shows that 85 percent of employees deal with conflict on some level. When communication channels are open in an organization, workplace conflicts can be resolved easily. One way to improve communication within the organization is through the use of the Squadly apps. These apps can help make work objectives clear and operations smoother so that there are no frustrations regarding tasks.

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, 85% of employees feel unengaged in the workplace. This is why employee relationship management is the answer to true operational success within any organization. By managing relationships with employees, not only can you make them feel more engaged, but you can also ensure massive improvement in productivity,

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